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Announcement: Bravado heads to the Rocket League World Championship


South Africa's top esports athletes qualify to compete against the best Rocket League players from across the world.

Rocket League, the top-rated competitive video game, is about to start its 2022 World Championship, and South African pro esports athletes are joining in the action.

Bravado Gaming, Africa's leading esports, and gaming lifestyle company, sponsored by Dell Gaming, Alienware, and Intel is preparing to compete in the US$6 million Rocket League World Championship, hosted in the United States this August. The Rocket League team secured their spot at the world championship after winning 3 of 9 regionals over the course of 10 months. Now, they are getting ready to showcase Africa's talented professional players as the championship returns to the USA after seven years in other countries.

"The team has put in a lot of hard work and focus to get here," says Tristan Rens, Bravado's General Manager. "This is the first time in Rocket League history that African teams have the opportunity to qualify and compete for the event. Our team did us proud by seizing the moment and turning it into a big success. Rocket League is a very competitive game with many exceptional players. I regard our qualification to the world championships as one of the biggest achievements yet for Bravado"

Rocket League is a team-based game where players compete in a futuristic soccer match. Each competitor controls a remote-controlled car which they race, jump and boost across the pitch, aiming to hit the ball into the opposing team's net. It's a game requiring quick thinking and great dexterity. Hugely popular, Rocket League reached over 140,000 concurrent players in 2020. Though very accessible to beginners, mastering Rocket League isn't easy, and playing it professionally is one of the most demanding esports around.

David 'Happymeal' du Plessis, the team's captain says, “The talent and competition out there is exceptional. Rocket League can be played on PCs, Playstation and Xbox, so the pool of players is absolutely huge. We worked hard to try and be the best, and it's paid off. We're very excited to travel to the world championships and represent South Africa and Bravado."

The Rocket League World Championship takes place from 2 to 14 August 2022, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, where teams will compete for a US$6 million prize pool. Bravado's players are ready to represent South Africa and Africa at this prestigious event.

Visit Bravado's social media sites to keep abreast of the team's performance, and swing past to discover the growing market of local esports. You can also learn more about our Rocket League players at:

● David '2Die4' Morgenrood (Player) -

● David 'Happymeal' du Plessis (Captain) -

● Kamran 'Daisy' Naidoo (Player) -

● Blade 'Slayer' Taylor (Coach) -

● Alejandro 'Silas' Ojeda Tarin (Manager) -






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