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Position: Content Strategy & Coordination

Bravado seeks content strategist and coordinator to join the team in 2024!

Bravado Gaming is looking for a passionate, innovative and determined individual to lead its content strategy and co-ordination. This individual should have experience in the multimedia industry and must be familiar with the general esports and gaming scene, the GenZ audience and meeting our visions and goals of becoming a global leader in the esports and lifestyle sector.

This individual should first and foremost be able to take initiative in the workplace as a leader in their job category. Being able to work under pressure and meet deadlines is essential.

Some of the core content requirements includes the conceptualization, development, delivery, and management around Bravado, its talent, partners, and ecosystems. The individual will work together with our creative team, network of freelancers and management to execute these requirements from start to finish.

Core Requirements

  • Experience and qualification around multimedia and video content strategy, conceptualization, development, and marketing.

  • Understanding different narratives, call to actions and the development of appealing storytelling through various multimedia.

  • Experience with the Adobe suite, especially in Premiere and After-Effects.

  • Experience with camera work and lighting setup.

  • Experience in videography, photography and the setup of studio and various environment scenes.

  • Experience in leading and micromanaging a team or group of content developers and creatives.

An understanding around the esports, social and competitive gaming industry, it’s ecosystems and the brands involved around this industry is essential.  

Please note: The individual must reside in Gauteng, working from the Bravado office (Johannesburg East Rand) 4x per week with the possibility of being available on weekends when required. Must be available to possibly travel local and international.

Brief Duties and Responsibilities

  • Content strategy, conceptualization and storytelling development around various narratives relating to Bravado, it’s talent, partners, and ecosystems.

  • Development of briefs for individuals and the content you’ll be leading through it’s development stages - from start to finish.

  • Leading and ensuring quality control in the development of content deliverables from start to finish.

  • Manage content deliverables and make them available for distribution.

  • Identify and pursue multimedia development talent.

  • Reporting and recording of content deliverables.

Support System

The individual will have an extensive network to utilize, such as:

  • A top management team that includes a General Manager, Marketing Lead, Business Development Lead, Communications Lead and a Creative Design Lead.

  • Access to our network of content developers and editors.

  • Access to Bravado talent and representation.

  • The individual will have full access to our interactive and state of the art facility that includes but is not limited to a wide selection of camera and content development equipment, a studio and extensive lighting equipment, as well as a high spec PC setup and workspace for effective and quick rendering if required.

Below is the facility from where Bravado operates:


The basic remuneration for this position in the first year will be R16,000 - R18,000 CTC (Cost to Company) and excludes any allowances when the individual is at events or needs to travel locally or internationally.

Additional Resources

Some of the very few multimedia content we've developed and distributed, with a range of narratives can be found here for your reference to understand our look and feel.


To apply for this position, please head over to our form where we have requested a few details about you and your experience. All applications must be filled through this form.

About Bravado Gaming

Bravado Gaming is a Middle East & African premier esports organization and gaming lifestyle brand serving home to some of the best competitive gamers throughout select countries. Working with world-leading brands Alienware, Intel and Dell Gaming, Bravado continues to grow from strength to strength as they work on continuously telling inspiring stories and developing all ecosystems of the gaming industry.





Through thick & thin and every victory and defeat, we've captured priceless moments that tell iconic stories. Our galleries range between a variety of local and international competitions and campaigns throughout the years.

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