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Thank you and farewell to our content creators

Bravado parts ways with their content creator team to reassess their position in the space


[Johannesburg - 29 February] It is with a heavy heart that we at Bravado Gaming are announcing our content creator team's departure. The difficult decision comes along with our pivot towards a more streamlined esports focus, whilst we take a step back and reassess our position and goals within the content space. 

Papa_Capes, RoBoHoBo, and NatChats have been excellent ambassadors of the Bravado Gaming brand, both inside and outside of the digital world. They have been some of the loudest voices in the crowd and some of the brightest smiles on camera. Between Papa_Capes being the mainstay face of Bravado content, RoBoHoBo’s grand return to content creation, and NatChats partnering with Kick, 2023 was a fantastic year for everyone involved, and we thank them for all their contributions towards Bravado! 

We want to express our gratitude to the entire community and our partners for their unwavering support. Bravado Gaming remains committed to pushing the boundaries of excellence in esports, and we look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead of us in 2024. 

For media inquiries, please contact:

Emma-Leigh Hoyle -





Through thick & thin and every victory and defeat, we've captured priceless moments that tell iconic stories. Our galleries range between a variety of local and international competitions and campaigns throughout the years.

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