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The Bravado Loop: 09 August 2022

  • Bravado Rocket League make their international debut.

  • Bravado CS: GO set their sights on the Intel Africa Masters.

  • Fist-bumps all round for Bravado Tekken.

Bravado Rocket League make their international debut.

We kicked off this week’s action with the Bravado Rocket League Team taking part in the RLCS World Championship. With the best teams from around the world present, this tournament would surely provide nail-biting encounters and memorable moments.

The best teams from around the world are invited here. This was our first international tournament and the first time we have been able to experience playing against opponents of this calibre. Being here and seeing these teams is really motivating. We will be back. - David 'Happymeal' du Plessis: Rocket League Captain for Bravado Gaming.

While the team did not achieve as much as they would have liked to being knocked out by APAC's Senbei Strikers but valuable experience was gained and we look forward to seeing the boys in blue back in action soon.

Sights set on the Intel Africa Masters.

With the Intel Africa Masters on the horizon, the Bravado CS:GO team took on Goliath Gaming in a top 2 seeding match in the closed qualifier.

It was our first official match in weeks. We started off on the shaky side of things but pulled ourselves together quickly and managed to get the win - Aaron 'Slowye' van Der Walt: CS: GO Captain for Bravado Gaming.

The team showed great composure and tactical skill claiming a 16-14 victory.

Bravado Tekken tackle the Dragon Ninja Lazer Eyes tournament.

Bravado Gaming’s Tekken players ended off the week’s action in the annual Dragon Ninja Lazer Eyes tournament hosted by UGCZA. Both Tekken fighters in Dax and Iggy were present to fight for their share of an R8 500 prize pool along with an R8 500 Puma voucher and Tekken World Tour Points (which give players access to regional qualifiers for the Tekken World Tour finals.) The swift nature of button combinations and ability to read the game saw both Bravado players reach the top 4, with Iggy progressing to the finals.

Overall I played well. I just need to improve my knowledge on match-ups with certain opponents. Looking forward to the next one! - Farouk 'daXpt' Suleman: Tekken player for Bravado Gaming.

The road did not end there as next up was Iggy in the finals. After a nail-biting encounter that saw many close calls, Iggy placed an overall 2nd place, going down to BigDaddyMike in the grand finals.

It was a great tournament. I am happy with my performance. It shows what I have been working on is making a difference. Lets get the dub in the next one! - Ighsaan 'Iggy' Latief: Tekken player for Bravado Gaming.

About Bravado Gaming

Bravado Gaming is a Middle East and African premier esports organization and gaming lifestyle brand serving home to some of the best competitive gamers throughout select countries in divisions such as CS: GO Valorant, Fortnite, Rocket League, FIFA, Tekken, Street Fighter, and a Content Creator team. Working with world-leading brands Alienware, Intel, and Dell Gaming, Bravado continues to grow from strength to strength as we work on continuously telling inspiring stories and developing all eco-systems of the gaming industry. Read more about Bravado Gaming here.





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