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The Bravado Loop: 19 JULY 2022

  • Bravado Fortnite, a freight train in motion.

  • Semi-final spot on the horizon for Bravado FIFA.

  • Signed, sealed, and delivered (An update on Bravado Valorant).

Bravado Fortnite, a freight train in motion.

Momentum and consistency, are two words that epitomize the current form of Bravado Gaming’s Fortnite squad. Kicking this week off to a winning start was Bravado FKS. FKS along with his teammate went up against the best duos in the region as they brought home 1st place in the FNCS open qualifier 2 in style, averaging over 10 kills per game and picking up 2 victory royales.

Next in action was Bravado Ahmed aka ‘RqxAE’. Ahmed and his teammates went up against some of the best trios in the region in the Trio cash cup. Ahmed and his teammates displayed high levels of skill and in-game knowledge, as they raced to a 2nd place finish, claiming $1 800 in the process

Umzansi Semi-final spot on the horizon for Bravado FIFA.

The Umzansi esports league hosted by Nodwin Gaming saw another week completed as the play-off stage looms over the competition. With just a few preliminary stage games left, this week’s action was the final before the final. Bravado Gaming’s Masoom Fakie took on Julio Bianchi from Goliath Gaming. With all 4 spots fairly open prior to this fixture, a win would go a long way for both players. An end-to-end fixture with very little margin for error saw 5 goals scored, with Bravado Gaming’s Masoom emerging victorious.

He’s a fantastic player. I had to be fully focused on the defence in order to get the result. - Masoom Fakie: FIFA Player for Bravado Gaming.

Signed, sealed, and delivered. (An update on Bravado Valorant).

Bravado Gaming ended off the week by confirming two additions to the Valorant roster. First up was the transfer of Ayman ‘Tuna’ Mosa’ad from YaLLa esports. This was followed by the signing of new head coach Evgenyi ‘Esvagabin’ Savgabin. Both signings were made as part of Bravado Gaming’s strategy for the upcoming season.

Following our debut season in Valorant, we knew there were certain areas we could work on, as well as some tactical changes we needed to make. The signing of Tuna will help in elevating our game to the next level. In addition to this, the signing of Coach Savgabin will help us in making tactical adjustments where needed, as well as being able to constantly develop our game. - Ahmed 'Moose' Mosa'ad Assaf : MENA Division Lead for Bravado Gaming.

Check out Tuna's official announcement video in HD here.


About Bravado Gaming

Bravado Gaming is a Middle East and African premier esports organization and gaming lifestyle brand serving home to some of the best competitive gamers throughout select countries in divisions such as CS: GO Valorant, Fortnite, Rocket League, FIFA, Tekken, Street Fighter, and a Content Creator team. Working with world-leading brands Alienware, Intel, and Dell Gaming, Bravado continues to grow from strength to strength as we work on continuously telling inspiring stories and developing all eco-systems of the gaming industry. Read more about Bravado Gaming here.




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