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The Bravado Loop: 26 JULY 2022

  • Bravado MENA rising to new heights.

  • Bravado Rocket League set their sights on ultimate supremacy.

Bravado MENA divisions grow from strength to strength.


Following changes made to the roster during the previous week, the new roster took part in the IAC Playgrounds event. This event included teams from Egypt and the Levant region. Bravado Gaming's squad comprised of 4 players (Tuna, Madara, Gunner, Salvon) and a substitute. The team showed great potential after many hard-fought maps they secured an overall 3rd place.

The team's performance and tactical approach to these games show greeat promise and a sign of what's to come in future events. - Ahmed Mosa'ad: MENA Division Lead for Bravado Gaming.

Bravado Fortnite at Gamers8:

With the Gamers8 event on the horizon, the Bravado Fortnite squad were in full swing as Bravado FHD brought home some impressive results this past week. Securing 1st place in the trio zero build cash cup ($600) and 1st place in the Quadra Geforce cup.

It was a hattrick of first-place finishes as Bravado Ahmed raced to a 1st place finish in the Gamers8 cup prior to the grand finals.

Bravado FKS is also set to compete in the Grand Finals this weekend!

Bravado Rocket League looks toward the Rocket League World Championship in Dallas.

Having made history qualifying for the RLCS World Championship hosted at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth. The Bravado RL team has their visas stamped, their uniforms in check & are ready to compete for the coveted prize. Stay tuned to our social platforms for updates and upcoming content on their journey here.

It's an honour to be representing Bravado Gaming and South Africa on the international stage. It's definitely going to be a memorable experience and rest assured, we're going to give it out all! - David 'Happymeal' du Plessis: Rocket League Captain for Bravado Gaming.

About Bravado Gaming

Bravado Gaming is a Middle East and African premier esports organization and gaming lifestyle brand serving home to some of the best competitive gamers throughout select countries in divisions such as CS: GO Valorant, Fortnite, Rocket League, FIFA, Tekken, Street Fighter, and a Content Creator team. Working with world-leading brands Alienware, Intel, and Dell Gaming, Bravado continues to grow from strength to strength as we work on continuously telling inspiring stories and developing all eco-systems of the gaming industry. Read more about Bravado Gaming here.





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