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The Bravado Loop: 05 JULY 2022

  • Bravado FIFA vs Bravado FIFA.

  • Bravado Fortnite continues its domination in the MENA region.

Clash of the titans for Bravado FIFA.

Round 2 of the Umzansi league hosted by Nodwin Gaming saw the Bravado FIFA team go head to head as Masoom Fakie took on Deevak Dhanjee. In the build-up to the Umzansi league, both players spent hours on end practicing with each other and adjusting their gameplay. Therefore it was safe to say that it would take something extraordinary and ‘out of the hat’ for either player to take home the victory. Edwin Van Der Sar would certainly decide the outcome as the iconic goalkeeper pulled out a match-winning performance for Masoom, as he took the win 1-0.

An extremely close game with very small margins to separate us. A draw would have been fair but Van Der Sar put in a top class performance to give me the win - Masoom Fakie: FIFA Player for Bravado Gaming.

This result means Masoom moves up to 2nd place on the log, behind only on goal difference.

Bravado Fortnite continues its MENA domination.

The Bravado Fortnite squad carried the momentum from the previous week as they kicked off July with a string of impressive performances. First up was Fahaad aka Bravado FHD. With two consecutive solo cash cups on the horizon, Fahaad brought the highest level of mechanical skill to the fight. The talented Fortnite player showed the depths of his in-game knowledge and proved consistency is key, as he raced to a 2nd and 3rd place finish against the region’s best.

The success did not stop there as Bravado A7mdRxq and his duo raced to a 1st place finish in the duo cash cup finals against the top talent in the region. This win made him a 2x duo cash cup winner, solidifying his position as one of the most consistent & gifted players in the MENA region.

About Bravado Gaming

Bravado Gaming is a Middle East and African premier esports organization and gaming lifestyle brand serving home to some of the best competitive gamers throughout select countries in divisions such as CS:GO Valorant, Fortnite, Rocket League, FIFA, Tekken, Street Fighter, and a Content Creator team. Working with world-leading brands Alienware, Intel, and Dell Gaming, Bravado continues to grow from strength to strength as we work on continuously telling inspiring stories and developing all eco-systems of the gaming industry. Read more about Bravado Gaming here.





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