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Bravado Gaming announces Dashfibre as a new sponsor!

Written by Abdullah Adam

In the world of esports and online gaming, a fast and reliable internet connection is undoubtedly one of the most important prerequisites for an enjoyable and frustration-free experience. This is why Bravado Gaming is proud to announce it has partnered with Dashfibre, South Africa’s gamer centric, high performance Fibre Internet Service Provider (ISP) who are partnered with the majority of Fibre Internet Providers (FIP's) in the country. Make sure after you have read this Press Release that you head over to the official Bravado X Dashfibre information page where you can discover everything bvdXdash.

What is Fibre?

Dashfibre explains on their FAQ page that Fibre is a newer, better, faster up-to-date internet service rolling out in South Africa. Fibre Optic Internet gets its name from the material used for cabling, that is Optical Fiber cable. Fibre is approximately 31% faster than copper which is currently used. Not only is Fibre faster, but it also offers less congestion and less interference on the line. Basically... less problems, isn't that great?

A few years ago, Fibre internet was a pretty exclusive product in South Africa. Thankfully, due to FIP’s (Fibre Infrastructure Providers) laying Fibre optic cables in more areas in South Africa, access to Fibre internet has become a lot more common.

Who is Dashfibre?

Dashfibre is a high performance, reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider) in South Africa with the goal of providing unparalleled customer service and with a top level management team of gamers. This common denominator made it simple for Bravado to see eye-to-eye with Dashfibre as they truly understand the needs and requirements of gamers and esports athletes, which means, both social & competitive gamers.

We’re so excited to partner up with Dashfibre, we’ve always wanted to partner up with a Fibre company but finding a company but finding a company who will work with us to create a product, to create a new era of now, of where internet connectivity is going is so rare to find and being able to work with people who have been involved in the South African competitive gaming community is such a breath of fresh air because they know exactly where and what people need in South Africa. If you’re a social gamer, competitive gamer, or even an entertainer or influencer, we want to ensure that we can work hand in hand with these guys to make sure that we can create the best possible product for you. - Andreas Hadjipaschali, CEO of Bravado Gaming.

As an MGO with highly competitive esports teams and athletes across multiple titles, this fundamental aspect of online play lays the foundation for stars to shine and heroes to rise.

I knew there was something in this market that was missing, something orientated towards gamers. As a gamer myself the most frustrating thing is bad latency, connectivity issues and we have a vision of providing top quality internet towards gamers. - Jared Wessels, Co-Founder of Dashfibre.

Fibre connectivity in Social Gaming

A lot of the focus so far has been on competitive gaming, what about social gaming? Well, the importance of a good internet connection is becoming more and more apparent as we head into the future and game publishers continue to produce fewer physical copies of games. Say you are an avid enjoy-er of an RPG (Role Playing Game) franchise and you head to your local game store to pick up the latest iteration of your favourite RPG only to come home and discover that instead of a physical disk inside of the box, you have a piece of paper with a code allowing you to redeem the game online and download it. This has been a very common occurrence over the past few years, one of my first experiences with a situation like this was when I pre-ordered Fallout 4 at a reputable video game store and found out that the included disk only contained a meagre few gigabytes of the game and I was prompted to complete the download which was a whopping 20 odd gigabytes at the time.

Back then I was on a crawling 2mb ADSL line which took multiple nights to complete. Times have changed a lot since then with popular titles like Call of Duty: Warzone having a much larger file size and updates that are often the same or more than double the size of Fallout 4. The new gen consoles even have digital versions which exclusively run digital games, not allowing a physical disk to be inserted.

Being able to hop right back into game or jump into a game you have been looking forward to playing since the initial release trailer has been a luxury many people were unable to enjoy in the past, but with companies like Dashfibre with an incredible reputation and vision for continuing to improve reliability and service, specifically towards entities requiring no-nonsense, high-performance internet, good Fibre in the present day is available and the future looks bright.

The importance of a reliable, high performance Fibre internet connection is not only a must-have for those seeking the thrill and competition of esports, but is rapidly becoming synonymous with all forms of gaming.

Continuous Value

As stated previously, Bravado Gaming and Dashfibre will be working to create a product and service that will allow you to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. In addition, we've ensured to offer a variety of other value added packages and initiatives for our friends and followers, of which some include discount coupon codes for large packages, giveaways and some really cool initiatives for subscribers to Dashfibre when using Bravado Gaming as a reference at sign up. Everything you need to know can be found by heading over here.

Launch Initiatives and Giveaways

Stay tuned on our social media for further instructions as we'll be announcing some really cool giveaways to our friends and followers of Bravado Gaming. You can follow us on social media by heading over to our Link Tree.

  • 31 August - 24 November 2021: Playstation 5 Gaming Console giveaway. View here.

  • 01 September - 30 September: R3000 Hamper of Vouchers giveaway. View here.

About Bravado Gaming

Bravado Gaming is South Africa's leading esports group, supporting several teams that compete in popular games such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA 21, Tekken 7 and a variety of content creators from Twitch TV. It is sponsored by Dell Gaming, Alienware and Intel, and is an Alienware brand ambassador. Founded in 2006, Bravado is the longest-running esports organisation in South Africa. Its goal is to promote esports across the region and create opportunities for any aspirant African esports athletes.

About Dashfibre

On the 1st October 2017 Dashfibre was born and their goal is to provide quality and stable internet for the customer. Their Vision was to create hassle free service for the customers while their mission is to ensure an easy to use service that is widely accessible throughout South Africa. Learn more about Dashfibre here.


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