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* Gain the ability to understand what the person is communicating in a marking. The user can have a more direct dialogue with you and track those conversations.* More accurate creation of cut sheets and dimensions for increased accuracy.Incremental Construction:Apply changes in a single drawing session, not at the risk of overwriting or losing work. Create multiple versions of your drawing at the same time. Merge, undo, and redo for your AutoCAD drawings. (video: 1:29 min.)* Easily and quickly merge and split your drawing into a new “snapshot” version of your drawing. Simply click one of the Merge or Split button, and the drawing will automatically appear in the correct location.* When you click the Undo button, you can go back to the last Undo state.* When you click the Redo button, you can go back to the last Redo state.* It’s even easier to split and merge your drawing with the new Split and Merge drawing options. Simply drag the line where you want the split to occur, then click the Merge button to have a new version of your drawing appear in the correct location.* When you draw, you’ll see the option to Move Points, Reset Points, or Snap to Grid for improved control over drawing. The new Move Points option creates a new point on the drawing line. You can move and position the point, and you can even reset the point if you make a mistake.* The Snap to Grid and Snap to Cursor options, which ensure the new point will always be aligned with the cursor on screen, are ideal for drawing.Powerful Vector Creation Tools:Create advanced drawings by importing and combining vector objects. Choose from a wide variety of shapes and bezels to customize your vector art.* Up to 1,500 imported images can be used in the same drawing, eliminating time-consuming object duplication.* Draw 3D shapes with unlimited dimensions.* Draw and delete X, Y, and Z objects. Create more shape variations by making a shape transparent or change the colors.* Create complex and advanced drawings. Use more than one object in a drawing and combine any objects, shapes, and bezels.* Easily combine multiple paths and shapes into a single vector object. 2be273e24d



Through thick & thin and every victory and defeat, we've captured priceless moments that tell iconic stories. Our galleries range between a variety of local and international competitions and campaigns throughout the years.


AutoCAD (2022)

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