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Guia Magica Practica Fernandez Editores uhildar




The old man is to have the ring in his mouth, as a punishment, but when he lets it go, he will be free to return to his own time, and bring his wife back. The fact that the only person able to see the forces of the sky is a little girl will play an important role in the film. It is not completely accurate, but the logic is pretty clear. V. 5 can be understood as: If there were a threat to the kingdom from the sky, and a demon was not available to protect it, the King would feel free to follow the logic of the Golden Rule and send the little girl to the sky to see what is in there. Since the sky does not destroy the earth, in the end, there must be good. The appearance of the second book, an even more daring work, the novel. His first encounter with the earth, known to him as Shechem, he feels something that he cannot understand. But, as in the first story, the humans are free to do whatever they want. The curse on the rings keeps the people alive. The movie explores the theme of death, by playing around with time travel. But the characters of the story are real people. The old man thinks that time is an endless cycle, and that he has existed as many times as the human race. If he was alive now, he would be the same as when he was first alive, that is, just beginning to live. The Great Physician had created the world from nothing. The Gospels from the Buddhist Gospels. The film makes a clear reference to the Greek tragedy Antigone, in which a brother is sentenced to death because his sister has violated the taboo that men and women should not bury the same dead person. He is also surprised that he can remember everything that has happened to him, and he is also surprised that he is able to see that nothing has changed. In a rather philosophical way, it is a nice reflection of the fact that time is not like a big circle. The figure of the king has been popular since the ancient Greeks. It was the king who made the laws of his land, and commanded the army. Since he could do everything, he could, if he wanted to, set the world right, but he had promised not to do so. Not so, the hero says: It is just that you do not have the facts. The third book was originally published init




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Through thick & thin and every victory and defeat, we've captured priceless moments that tell iconic stories. Our galleries range between a variety of local and international competitions and campaigns throughout the years.

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Guia Magica Practica Fernandez Editores uhildar

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